Reasons Why You *Need* to Deadlift


So, why should you be doing the deadlift? Well, when done properly deadlifts can help improve your posture, increase your overall strength and help increase your confidence. This article will look at the reasons why you need to deadlift.

A Whole Body Exercise

The Deadlift works your hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back. It targets multiple muscles in one movement – this is called a compound movement. Not only that but your core is targeted to keep you stable throughout the entire lift. Building muscle can contribute towards building your metabolism, which in turn can burn more fat.

Eddie Hall deadlift tips


Large strength and stability gains can be made by incorporating the Deadlift in to your training schedule (1). This is especially true if you are new to lifting weights. Strength doesn’t even have to be the main goal or reason why you are lifting, you should still add this movement in to your training routine.

This strength may also be functional. Functional strength can help strength within real life. This lift can help with things such as carrying your shopping, carrying objects if you are moving house etc.


Good form within the deadlift can really help with correctly or improving your posture. By performing this lift, you may find that you sit with less rounded shoulders and walk upright.

This improvement in posture will also help prevent injuries. The Deadlift requires control of the abs, hips and pelvis which is important for the treatment and prevention of injuries in the lower back.

Ultimate Time Saver

By completing the deadlift within your exercise routine, you will find that you in fact save time. Compound exercises like the deadlift work more than one muscle at a time, this may mean that you will not have to use the 3 machines that you have been using to work the sample muscle groups.

So there you have it, if you don’t already perform the deadlift on a weekly basis – add this in now!

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Stephanie Sanzo Deadlifting Routine

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