Jump Rope Workout for Swimmers

If you haven’t incorporated jump rope in to your training schedule, now is the time to do it. There are many reasons why jump rope benefits swimmers, which we have discussed in a previous article.

Jump ropes provide a cheap, portable and excellent way to add in a low-impact plyometric routine for swimmers.

Here is a 10 – minute jump rope workout for beginners. For more of a challenge, simply increase the work interval whilst maintaining the rest period. The workout can, of course, also be repeated to provide an extended workout.

Warm Up

It is important to warm-up before any workout.

  • 1-minute – Jog on the spot
  • 1-minute – Butt-kicks
  • 1-minute – High knees
  • 1-minute – Jog on the spot

Follow this with dynamic and static stretching. This workout is a good starting point as a jump rope workout for swimmers.

Working Set

Source: Jump Rope Dudes

Cool Down

Dynamic and static stretching. Focus on the legs, especially hamstrings and calves.

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