Is Muscle Food Good Value?

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Muscle Food started in 2013 and has grown in to a market leading online food supplier. The company focuses on providing lean, high quality food that is affordable. However, is Muscle Food any good? and is Muscle Food good value?

“ makes healthy eating super easy with award-winning produce for unbeatable prices. With a massive range of over 2,000 products created for getting lean, losing weight and building muscle and just generally eating healthier – customers can find everything they need to fit their health and nutrition needs. Product lines include everything from hand trimmed fresh meats, fish, veg to healthy pizzas, ready meals, cheese and more.” – Muscle Food.

Muscle Food has won a number of awards over the years, including “specialist online retailer of the year”. The company also offers online nutrition plans and training plans. For this article , we will solely be focusing on the food that is available on Muscle Food.


How does it work?

When Muscle Food was initially set up, it was a game changer and revolutionary within its concept. It’s focus was to provide body builders with the high quality protein source that they require to fuel and recover from training sessions.

Although there have been some testing times (COVID-19 etc.), Muscle Food have successfully continued to provide a delivery service with lead times as short as 48 hours for a UK delivery.

All orders are made online and the meat hampers are the most popular way in which shoppers make their orders. Whilst you can order prepped meals and individual items, the majority of people will make a higher quantity purchase with the view of freezing / defrosting as and when required. This allows the customer to plan and prepare food for each meal, including lunches and evening meals.

Once an order is made online, you select a specific delivery date that is available on the system. If you meet the minimum delivery requirements, then delivery is £1 or free. This is actually cheaper than most online supermarkets.

The delivery will be made in chill boxes that contain a number of ice blocks. By packaging it in this way, the order is guaranteed to be chilled. In the orders that we have made, there have been no issues with delivery and have, on all occasions, delivered in the exact day that was expected.


The Muscle Food Range

There is a very wide range of foods, drinks and supplements available from Muscle Food. If you are looking for good quality meats there is plenty of options available. However, the range doesn’t just stop there with meal prep pots, snacks of protein, drinks and snacks available. They also offer products from other brands such as Optimum Nutrition and Grenade. There are also a range for vegan and vegetarian options.

There is a tendency for most people to start off with the food hampers. Here, you can build you own hampers and also double up on your hamper for a small fee. For example, one of the options is to Take the Double Up hamper that will allow you to add additional meats to your hamper for just £1.

The hamper selected is dependant on your own nutritional goals and tastes but there is so many options available, this won’t be any issue to any reader. There are even hampers that offer super lean foods with less than 5% fat.

Is Muscle Food Value for Money?

Muscle Food offer great value for money when you compare it to supermarket products. For example, the 112 piece ultimate slimming hamper is available for £80.

To make the comparison easier, let’s take a look at chicken. For a 5kg hamper of chicken, from Muscle Food, costs £28. If we compare this to major supermarket brands, chicken costs around £5.85 per KG (at the time of writing, source: Tesco). Therefore, for 5kg of chicken, would cost in the region of £29.25. Although this chicken could be sourced from other supermarkets for a slightly cheaper rate, Muscle Food offers a premium grade of meat in our opinion. Also, if you add chicken in to a hamper then the meat is discounted further.

So who is Muscle Food for?

When MF first started they were very much marketed towards body builders. However, as the customer has become more aware of what we are putting in our bodies, the customer base of MF has grown and now caters for everyone.

When training, having a high protein diet is essential for growth and repair. Therefore, we would recommend the meats available on Muscle Food for everyone.


Muscle Food is a fantastic brand that offers a premium service in producing high quality, high protein products. We believe that it is affordable to all and the delivery is often cheaper than your supermarkets.

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