At Ox Strong Health we train athletes. We train professionals. We train individuals. The common thread binding our clients is Will: to overcome, and to move from the status quo.

Our objective is genuine fitness, not the appearance of fitness: actual capacity strengthens confidence. We use old ideas, and new ones. We are experienced, expert, creative and inquisitive.



Nathan Oxford . nathan@oxstronghealth.com

Nathan comes to us with a breadth of experience inside and outside of the fitness industry. He has been a competitive athlete  for most of his life, representing his country in Powerlifting and Swimming. Starting his sporting life in the pool, his achievements include Junior National championSenior National medalist and British Junior Record Holder.

He moved in to the sport of (IPF) Powerlifting in 2018 and was placed 1st at the Commonwealth Powerlifting IPF Bench Press Championships 2019.

Nathan has also competed at regional and National powerlifting championships, becoming a medalist in the 105kg senior bench press  English championships in 2019. After graduating in Computer Science and becoming an Assistant Headteacher, Nathan switched courses back to Health and Fitness.  He believes in using the gym as a tool to push the boundaries of what is possible both physically and mentally.


  • Commonwealth 105kg Senior Bench Press – Gold Medal.
  • English National Bench Press Medallist.


  • Regional, National, International record holder.
  • British Junior Record Holder, 100m Backstroke.
  • European Junior Finalist.
  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning (pending)
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer 
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 1 British Weightlifting Coach
  • Level 1 Powerlifting Coach
  • ASA Level 1 Award in Swimming Assistant Coach
  • UKAD Drug Advisor
  • ActiveIQ – Introduction to Rig Training

John Rothery . john@oxstronghealth.com
Sports Osteopath, Hypnotist and Acupuncturist. 

John is a fully qualified osteopath in Pembrokeshire and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC): RotheryHealth.com and HypnotherapyWales.org

He was previously a Head of Physical Education Teacher before re-training as an osteopath in 2009, graduating from Oxford Brookes University. His qualifications include a Masters in Obesity and a Masters in Sport Development, as well as a teaching qualification in Physical Education/Science.

Competitive history includes: Ironman France & Spain and Ultramarathon competitions in both Alaska & Jordan.

John offers Skype consultations to the OxStrongHealth congregation to support training goals.

  • Competitor in Triathlon, Ultraman and IronMan


  • World Masters, Australia 
  • National Masters Finalist.
  • PHD Student, Public Health
  • Registered Osteopath (GOsC)
  • Registered clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
  • MSc in Obesity and Nutrition
  • MA in Sport Development
  • BSc (Hons) Osteopathy
  • BED (Hons) Physical Education
  • ASA Level 1 Award in Swimming Assistant Coach
  • ASA Level 2 Award in Coaching Open Water Swimming
  • UKAD Drug Advisor