What it is, What it isn’t, What we do, What we don’t do

What It Is

Ox Strong Health trainees undertake physical and psychological training to support key sport performances or work objectives.

Ox Strong Health is an attitude. A no-excuses-attitude. It is perhaps best described as an absolute total commitment to the overall aim of a project, by using everything available to achieve the goal. Know this, we take training seriously.

Our website is a simple window into our ideals and training methods. However, this is an incomplete window. We purposefully do not show you everything. We select what we want to show you.

What It Is Not

Ox Strong Health is not a set programme. We use differentiated paths to reach personalised goals and aims. We do not claim to know all of the paths nor the best path for every goal. We only claim to be constantly educating, practising, and progressing.

One size does not fit all. Individuals and their objectives vary so the mechanisms of preparation must differ.

Gym-specific fitness means very little. Survival, overcoming genuine hardship, and improved sport performance is what we are striving for. Ox Strong Health exists to support these outcomes. Increased capacity is the outcome of this hard work. It is the role of the gym to support this.

What We Do

We provide what the individual needs on an individual basis. We provide athletes with an opportunity to prepare for their requirements within the context of the areas where we are expert.

What We Don’t Do

We do not train to lose weight, as no one who trains with us has ever gained weight.

We do not strictly follow any single method but choose what is appropriate to the objective. I learned and undertook all types of training during my swimming and, currently, powerlifting careers. I benefited from the key relationships with my coaches. I add their methods to my own experiences to create our Ox Strong Health way.

Final Thoughts

“But don’t forget my ideas are only what’s been written down in history by the great people of the world who’ve gone before. All I’ve done is condense the wisdom of the world into an attitude for athletics. Athletics aren’t just running, it’s a way of life”
Percy Cerutty

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