6 Reasons why Swimmers Need an Online Personal Trainer

Ox Strong Health was developed to give athletes and professionals a service that provides part of their “complete team” approach. Swimmers need an Online Personal Trainer to complete this team philosophy.

As we do not have access to a swimming pool, we cannot provide the services of a swimming club but can support swimmers in their approach to dry land strength and conditioning.

Swimmers need this complete team approach to be successful within the pool. One of these elements is the physical training outside of the pool. Personal trainers are skilled professionals who have studied health and fitness and don’t just offer a few exercises based on a simple Google search.

So here’s 10 reasons why a personal trainer is a good idea. If this is of interest to you, take a look at our products and what we can offer to support your development.

Understanding the sport

Hopefully your personal trainer understands the sport. Swimming is a unique sport and, if not tailored correctly can also hinder skill development in youth swimmers. A personal trainer should understand the dangers of should overuse and overhead movements, as well as repetitive movements within the the sport.

Workout is Targetted

Workouts should be targeted for the sport and not based on a generic strength and conditioning plan. Strength should be build around lean bulk and not the promotion of excessive strength.

Prevent Injuries

A personal trainer for swimming should provide a training plan that includes a balance of agility, flexibility, strength and core strength.


Accountability is a fantastic thing. Personal Trainers can provide the services to the athlete whilst holding them to account for the workout and effort performed. This should include pushing through any negativity and focus that may be holding them back. These expectations of a personal trainer should be no less than that of a swimming coach.

Maximise Workout Time

A swimmer may be in the pool twice a day, 6 days a week. It is therefore important that dry land work is optimised. Every move, rep, minute, and session should count towards an specific objective.

Provides Support and Guidance

When a swimmer enlists the support of a personal training, the aims and goals should be set out. These should be based on short, medium and long term SMART goals. A personal trainer will never give up on the swimmer, just like their coach, and will support and guide them throughout their journey,

If you are interested in online personal training for swimmers then please see our product page for free and paid training plans, as well as online 1-1.

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