5 Reasons Why Swimmers Should Do Pilates


It is essential that a swimmer has a good core strength and control. Each movement is made through the core – kicking, rotating, gliding, pulling etc. Whilst a strength training plan can really help with this, core strength and stabilisation is the basis of all Pilates movements. This article looks at 5 Reasons Why Swimmers Should Do Pilates.

Why Swimmers Should Do Pilates

  1. Prevents injuries – If a swimmer has a weak core, compensation is made with excess stress placed on the shoulder and back. This can, in time, contribute to an injury within the rotator cuff etc. Pilates works to iron out the imbalances to reduce any weaknesses within the chain, therefore increasing power potential within the back, shoulders, legs.
  2. Mindfulness – Pilates works by increasing the mind-body connection. Improving motor skills, without imbalances, will help improve your posture and swimming performances.
  3. Build Speed – Swimming utilises a large proportion of the muscles within the body. With the core at the centre, it will enable a more effective leverage to move through the water in a quick and effective manner.
  4. Recovery – Swimming is a very repetitive sport, both in terms of stroke movements and environment. Using Pilates will stretch out overused hip flexors, incorporate spinal rotations, and help you recover for your next workout.

Pilates Routines

Here are some recommended pilates exercises for swimming:

Source: Epic Self Coaching & Retreats

What is your experience with Pilates? Have you found it beneficial to your swimming? Let us know. #oxstronghealth

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